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Fun88 is a website where all kind of online gambling is done. It is necessary to know that the management of the fun88 is focused on action towards rendering their services. Different online gambling games are made available through the website—fun88 which include the sport betting gambling, and different casino games like blackjack, poker, slot machine games, roulette and others. It is important to note that fun88 is a gambling platform that has been legalized and duly registered for gambling activities. This website is the biggest, legal betting company in the whole of Asia. You can find the following in this betting company site: sports betting, live casino games, online keno, สมัคร slot เครดิตฟรี แค่ยืนยัน ตน game and other entertaininggames and services.


How to register with fun88

Just like every other online casino, you must become a member by registering with the company. The following are the steps involved in registering:

  • The first step towards registration is visiting W88 landing page, and then selecting Thai language.
  • After you might have selected the Thai language; visit the fun88 registration interface page where you will see the following forms: the basic information, the account security and contact. You are required to fill all the necessary information displayed.
  • When you are done entering and submitting your needed personal information, click the button reading “Accept” and “OK” to finalize the registration.

The aforementioned steps is solely meant for people registering with their compatible phones like the iPhone, the androids, the blackberries etc.

Desktop users

For those registering with their computer desktop:

With your desktop web browser, input the website domain name; on opening, do the following:

  • You will see a green button displaying “create my account” at the top right of the page.
  • Go to the fun88 registration page where you will see three display forms namely: the basic information, account security and contact. You will be requesting to fill in your required personal data.
  • After filling and submitting, the registration procedure is completed successfully. Accept the agreement made available, including the age range.
  • To finish your registration with this betting company, clicked the “OK” button.

After registration, you can’t gamble because there is no money in your account—e-wallet. So the next step after registration is to deposit into your account.

To deposit into your fun88 account

It is necessary to know that ufafun88 Thailand currency known as Baht is suitable for people banking on the internet the commercial banks, king Thai bank and krungsri bank.

Step 1. On the top right of the main page, click on the green button displaying “deposit now”.

Step 2. Select fast Baht as the deposit page opens.

Step 3. Choose the bank you transact with—internet banking.

Step 4. With your internet banking details, make a deposit and click the submit button. You can start playing the games.

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